Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wilderness of Rocks trail report

I recently received this account from Earl:

Hello Andy,

I  hiked the Wilderness of Rocks trail in March. I started from Carter Canyon Rd. in Summerhaven where I accessed the Mint Spring trail. I've included pictures of the Mint Spring trail and the Wilderness of Rocks trail. (first 3) The Mint Spring trail has many logs and debris on it. Still passable but the trail needs work. Pictures show the fire damage. About a 1/4 0f a mile from the Marshall Saddle the burned forest reverts back to no burn and the trail is fine.

From the Marshall Saddle to the Mt. Lemmon Lookout trail junction the Wilderness of Rocks trail is fine. I found lots of water in March on the trail. After the junction the Mt. Lemmon Lookout trail is in good shape no burn damage. I also found water on this trail. I've included pictures from the Wilderness of Rocks (next 3) and the Mt. Lemmon Lookout trails. (last 4)

I use you trail guide every time I'm in Tucson and I appreciate all the effort you've put into it over the years.


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